Union Communication

Union Communication

It’s my pleasure to introduce you about Union Communication. I would like to send the credentials full services of Union via the link:http://bit.ly/3btnfyHIf yes, please help share the campaign's upcoming information for our research and better communication for a future case, or would you be available for the meeting within next week? for us can share more details about Union's capabilities as well as opportunities to cooperate with you on any project upcoming also, and clarify your briefing (if any).UnionCommunication specialized Integrated Marketing Communications service, as follows: ·Abovethe line:  Provide full services(Digital Marketing, Design strategy, Website Ecommerce, Application Mobile, Planning I.M.C..) è https://youtu.be/qOAvwyAxPKA·Productionhouse: TVC, Viral Clip, 3D/2D Animation è  https://youtu.be/Vwt5rOsD4_A·Belowthe line: Show, Event, Activation, Sale management, POSM production, Application Mobile.Our customers are multinational companies in many fields: Beauty, Banks, FMCG, Mobile phone, Electronics, Telecom, Insurance, Cosmetics, Airlines,...Please look through the link attached information to get more clarity and a summary company information profile.

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